2015 Southwest Kansas Lawn Mower Racing Association Rules

If you have any questions about rules or anything else feel free to contact us.

Nic Hayes - 620-253-9087 - nichayes@live.com

Troy Koehn - 620-338-6183 - koehntroy@yahoo.com



General Mower Requirements

1. Cutting Blades must be removed completely from all mowers in all classes.

2. All mowers must be equipped with an automatic throttle closing device. 2 throttle return springs are recommended.

3. All mowers must have a tether style kill switch(similar to jet skies or snowmobiles) that will turn off the ignition if the driver leaves the mower, Velcro is Not acceptable.

4. Brakes must be in good working condition and operating on at least both rear wheels. Brakes may be improved in anyway such as using kart style brakes. Stock mower brakes are not recommended.

5. Throttle and brake controls may be relocated.

6. Discrete frame strengthening is allowed. No full tube chassis. Front and Rear axles must use original frame as primary mounting point.

7. Mowers must be free of projections, which could injure the driver or a competitor.

8. All exposed chains and sprockets must be fitted with metal guards, which will direct a broken chain downward.

9. Mowers must be safe and complete, all parts and panels in place.

10. No front bumpers, nerf bars or push bars.

11. All mowers must have numbers on both sides and front and be clearly visable.

12. All positively charged terminals must be insulated.

13. No offset or stagger. Body must be mounted in the center of the wheels. Tires must match in size.

14. Mower seats only in stock location, no lower than the tops of the fenders.

15. No glass headlights.

16. Maximum width of 40" sidewall to sidewall.

17. Must use lawn mower tires only. No atv or racing tires allowed.

18. No centrifugal and/or torque converter clutches.

19. All mower must use a belt driven mower clutch system.

20 Mowers must be belt driven from the engine to a shiftable lawnmower transmission or transaxle.  May be chain driven from transmission to kart style rear axle.

21. Minimum 4" ground clearance to frame.

22. Billet Flywheels are strongly recommended on any ungoverned engine.

23. Fuel lines must be clamped at all joints.

24. All mowers must use pump gas only. NO racing fuel of any kind is allowed.

25. All engines must be originally manufactured for use in lawn mowing equipment. Crankshaft must be in original orientation and clearance hole in the frame.

26. Exhaust design is open, but must terminate away from the driver and competitors.

27. Starter must be onboard.

28. Rear axle must use shaft locks, or thru-bolts to secure the rear wheels.

29. Front axle must be bolted or welded to the frame and must be a 1 piece beam design.

30. Front axle and steering may be reinforced, substituted or fabricated.

31. Footholds must be discrete and made such that the foot can not become entangled in a roll over.

32. 6" minimum front wheels and 8" minimum rear wheels

33. All drivers must wear an automobile racing or motorcycle full face helmet approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation or the Snell Foundation. Goggles or face shield are required

34. All drivers must wear long pants, long sleeved shirt or jacket and full fingered gloves.

35. An approved racing neck support is mandatory.


Racing Classifications



1. Must use a single cylinder engine only. 16 hp max factory rated up to 31cubic inches. Briggs and Stratton model numbers will start with 28 or 31 which is the cubic inch.  Over-Head-Valve or Valve in block engines allowed.  

2. Engines must be completely stock with the exception of the governor may be removed.

3. Cylinder heads may be ported but no performace parts of any kind may be used.

4. All mowers must pass all the general rules above.

5. Twin cylinders and mid engine frames are not allowed.

6. There is no gear restrictions.

7. Engines that have a distinct advantage over the field may be asked to do a tear down after the races to check for performace parts. If the driver refuses he will be disqualified and not allowed to enter any more races until a tear down is performed. If you want to build a race engine this class is not for you.



1. Single cylinder overhead valve and two cylinder valve in block(flat head opposed) 4 stoke engines allowed

2. NO v-twin engines allowed

3. Mid engine frames are not allowed.

4. All of the above General Rules apply.

5. Full race engines are allowed. Must use stock appearing lawn mower carburetor.

6. STOCK lawn mower brakes are NOT allowed in this class. You must have after marked brakes that will stop both rear tires. Front brakes are allowed.

7. There are no gear restrictions.

If you have questions about anything, please ask.

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